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Vehicle Wrapping: An excellent way to advertise your brand for 2021

Another way to advertise and publicize a brand is possible with the labeling of your vehicle.

We are specialists in the application of vinyl for vehicle wrapping in Newcastle and we work with different manufacturers to be able to adjust to all tastes and qualities, depending on the needs of each vehicle, whether commercial or for private use.

vehicle wrapping Newcastle

Labeling of commercial vehicles, an advertising poster 24 hours a day

In the case of the labeling of commercial and company vehicles, we adapt the corporate image of your business so that it is visually attractive in the labeling of vans, trucks or company cars, thanks to our graphic design team, who will be in charge of adapting your brand image either through a comprehensive vehicle labeling or simply with a partial labeling on the entire fleet of company vehicles.

We consider that currently a good signage in Newcastle based on an effective design, is an advertising claim that arouses the interest of people wherever you travel, turning your commercial or company vehicle into an excellent business card and an economical advertising campaign. 24 hours. It is not about turning your car into a luminous sign with wheels, but into a claim made with taste and adapted to your business.

How do I label my car or van?

The first thing to take into account is the technique and type of car vinyl that best suits your needs. Try not to confuse screen printing on vehicles (as a client sometimes asks us) with labeling, it is NOT possible to screen cars since it is a printing technique mainly aimed at the textile sector.

Once the previous point is clear, it is time to see what type of vinyl is the most appropriate in each case. Vehicle wrapping is not about filling you up with haphazardly placed car stickers.

vehicle wrapping in Newcastle

From a simple labeling with polymeric vinyls to an integral labeling of the vehicle with special wrapping vinyls that allow it to adapt to all forms, our experts advise you on the technique that best suits the labeling of your car, van, truck or any type of vehicle. commercial or private vehicle with personalized, original and creative designs, and on the different labeling services that we offer you in Newcastle.

In addition, another advantage is that the wrapping on our high quality vinyls protects the paint and bodywork of vans, cars and motorcycles from external aggression's.

Cast or cast vinyl, the best option if you want to fully label your van

This type of vinyl wrap allows the labeling design to be adapted to any shape or curve that the vehicle may have. Perfect for a comprehensive labeling of cars or vans, this type of vinyl does not damage the paint and in addition to its aesthetic or advertising aspect, it fulfills a protective function.

If your car or van spends a lot of time outdoors, the solution is to label with long-lasting polymeric vinyl.

They are pieces that are cut from a single color that are combined with each other to create multicolored designs, although most often there are not many colors chosen in each design or they are created in a single color. One of the advantages of cutting vinyl is that it maintains the intensity of its colors for longer than other types of vinyl, its duration depending on the quality chosen and the inclement weather to which the labeled vehicle is exposed.

car wrapping Newcastle

Printed vinyl, label your vehicle in full color

It is a white polymeric vinyl that supports any type of full color printed image, including gradients and photographic image. Once printed, this type of vinyl admits a die-cut, with which we can give it the shape you want, even in the case of labeling for vans.

We have the vehicle wrapping solution in Newcastle that you need

We carry out all kinds of vinyl wrapping on both commercial, industrial and private vehicles, either for advertising or simply for an aesthetic change.

We prepare all the designs until we find the right one, let yourself be advised by our labeling experts in Newcastle.

If you need to know which type of labeling is the most appropriate for your commercial or private vehicle, our experts in vehicle labeling in Newcastle will advise and help you with your design, do not hesitate to contact us and we will give you the most appropriate labeling solution. for your car, truck or van.


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