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Wine Labels Provide A Wealth Of Important Information

In a bottle of wine there is a lot of information to interpret. The Wine Design is one of the most important parts, it is - together with the back label, the type of bottle, the capsule and the stopper - such as the wine's license plate, your ID, your identity sign.

There are times when it is very difficult for us to know what type of wine we are going to find when uncorking a bottle. Or, we do not know how to interpret the indications given to us on the labels.

For example, if a wine is from a certain Denomination of Origin, the locality in which it is made, the grape varieties that have been used, the alcoholic strength or whether or not it is aged in barrels.

Knowing how to read a label well we can know many details of the wine and it can help us to choose the most suitable for the moment in which we want to consume it.

Wineries can include all the information they want on the label, however they have certain mandatory indications, data that must be included on the label of their bottles to comply with the regulations.

However, there is other type of information that does not have to be included in the labeling, although it is common to find it:

  • Traditional mentions (aging, reserve, ...)
  • Grape varieties
  • Descriptions, service tips, etc.

Regarding the Wine labelling, it is where the official seal of the Regulatory Council of the Denomination of Origin usually appears, a tasting note, service or pairing suggestions and the aging period of the wine: aging, reserve or grand reserve.

In Australia, they also usually report the aging that the wine has experienced with the words/. If the wine is not aged, the phrase "guarantee of origin" may appear to indicate its origin, thereby stating that it has not been subjected to the aging process in barrels.

When we start to choose a wine for a meal, dinner or gift , we usually choose on the recommendation of a friend or acquaintance, or by a blog , magazine or rating on a web page, and finally there are some brave ones who are planted in a physical store or online store and looking at the bottles they choose which wines to drink. At that time the label is the presentation of the wine .

Other times we enter a website with many wines, such as , and we choose an area to buy the wine , there the label is the key to look at the wine and look for more information. In the case of the physical store, the label draws our attention and we look for additional information on the back label .

If with these data and the design of the label the bottle has managed to captivate us, it is the moment when the back label must do its job.

The information on the back labels is more varied although it has certain information in a general way, such as the barcode , the famous one has sulphites , mandatory for all wines that use sulphurous acid for the microbiological stabilization of the wine. From there we find tasting notes , consumption recommendations such as temperature and pairing , and some with nice and original texts.

A current example is a Jumilla wine that with a nice and humorous back label has swept sales and social networks. Sometimes not adhering to what is established can be a success story. We must also remember that wines like the French do not provide any information other than the producer, brand, alcohol and region. And they are still TOP sales.


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