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Functions of the rail clamp in the rail fastening system

As the main type of rail fastening, railway clamps are widely applied to many kinds of railroad fastening systems. Such as tension clamp fixing system, bolt fixing system and clip fixing system. As we all know the importance of railway clamps then why are railway clamps so important in railway fastening system? We should start with the functions of railway clamps.

What are the functions of railway clamps?

As an important type of rail fastening, the basic function of the railway clamp is to fasten the steel rails to the railway sleepers, keep the track stable, and maintain a certain gauge distance. relative to the horizontal and vertical movement of the rails. So to speak, the railroad clamp is known as the key middle connecting piece.

rail fastening system

What are the characteristics of railway clamps?

In the blade fastening system and the clip fastening system, the rail blade and the rail clips are the main fasteners, and both have the common characteristics of elasticity. While in the clamp fixing system, the rail clamp itself does not have any elasticity characteristics, it belongs to the rigid fasteners. Railway clamps can provide sufficient rigidity for the safety of rail transport.

Development of railway clamps in Australia

In the history of railway construction in Australia, there are three main types of rail fasteners designed according to the dimensions of the rails. These are bolt-on type clamps in ancient times, type 63 railroad clamps and type 70 railroad clamps.

Due to the limited levels of technology, the designation of the bolt-on type clamp is a wood screw embedded in the concrete cross member that simply connects the fasteners and the cross member. This guy was eliminated. Now it has rarely been used in the rail fastening system.

70 type railroad clamps are applied to the concrete sleeper with ditch and suitable for 43KG and 50KG steel rails. It can adjust the gauge distance by replacing different sizes of railroad clamps. The connection of the screw tip and the sleepers is the form of railway anchor. At present, in Australia, a new railway line with this type of railway clamps has rarely been laid, only in the repair phase. This type of clamping fastener is less elastic, and the clamping force decreases drastically, so it has been basically eliminated.

Rail clamps in the rail fastening system

We all know the famous binding system for its good performance in many countries. The fixing system belongs to the clamp fixing system. In general, railway clamps must conform to standards, etc. Regarding the material, rail clamps are usually made of low carbon steel or alloy steel by hot forging, rolling and casting.

rail fasteners

Main components of the fastening system

The fixing system consists of the following elements:

  • Railroad clamp: it is used with the rail fixing plate and bolt. In Australia, it is Q235 or 45 # steel.
  • Rail bolt: the rail bolt is also called the hook bolt; it is used for fixing the tie plate.
  • Hitch plate: The rail hitch plate is a base plate, the base of the rail mounting system.
  • Screw Spikes: Screw spikes are used to secure the tie plate to wooden sleepers. When used in concrete sleeper, it is often combined with the plastic anchor.
  • Spring washer: Normally, spring washers are used to distribute the load of the fastener.

Surface treatment and rail clamp package

The surface of railroad clamps is often oiled, black oxide, galvanized, hot dip galvanized and sherardized. During transport, railway clamps are usually packed in wooden crates or bags and wooden pallets for 25 kg per package.

All in all, the railway clamp plays an important role in the clamp fixing system in the railway, it is widely used in many countries and regions, many factories still produce them to meet the needs in Australia and around the world. It is an excellent invention for the construction and development of the railway. Need our help in one of your projects? Get in touch with us today!


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