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Phases of the hiring process

One of the most complicated decisions you will have to make as a manager of your company, will be to hire the right staff for your business. Knowing how to choose the ideal candidate is a complicated process that requires experience and a good eye, but, above all, adequate planning. The success or failure of your company will depend, to a large extent, on your workers, therefore, you must carefully select the candidates that best suit the profile of the position. If you want to make the right choice and choose the right candidate, you must plan and follow a series of steps that guide you through the process and help you make the right decision.

hiring process

Phases of the selection process

1. Definition of the position to be filled

One of the keys for your selection process to be successful is to define, in detail, the profile of the position. To do this, you must be clear about the characteristics and needs of the position, the functions that the worker will have to develop, the tools they need to handle, the hours they must cover, the desirable skills and the essential technical knowledge. There are certain factors that will influence the job description, such as the duration of the contract, that is, if it is a temporary contract, to cover a leave, to replace vacations or as reinforcement, due to a temporary increase in the volume of work, or if, on the contrary, it is a permanent contract, to attend a position that has become vacant or a new one, arisen as a consequence of the growth of the company. On the other hand, depending on the position and the duration of the contract, you may be more interested in someone with experience or someone you can teach from scratch. In addition, you should also keep in mind the different types of contracts that exist, to assess which one may suit you the most, or the aid and subsidies from which you can benefit. These two elements can help you to set some requirements to shortlist the candidates, or to make the final decision.  

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2. Recruitment

Once the profile has been defined, it is time to look for a considerable number of candidates in order to choose the best one. This search can be carried out through various methods and means.

  • Fill the vacant position with a member of your team. One of the options that you should consider is if the ideal candidate to fill that position is already among the members of your team and all you need is to reorganize the structure of the company. Sometimes the simplest option is the best.
  • Ask your workers for help. Most job offers are never published because companies rely on their workers' contacts. the truth is that there is no one better than them to recommend a candidate they would like to work with.
  • All companies usually receive, throughout the year, a considerable number of CVs requesting a position. It is recommended that you save and classify these applications for a time to be able to refer to them in case you need to fill a position. As a general rule, whoever submits an application is because they are interested in working for the company.
  • Publish the offer in various media. You should be careful with this option, especially if you decide to post it on an employment website, as you could receive thousands of applications. If you want to publish the position on a specialized website, it is essential that you filter the applications based on the essential requirements so as not to prolong the process too long.

3. Pre-selection of candidates

This step is necessary to avoid wasting time conducting interviews with people who do not meet the profile. First, you must review all the applications and discard those that do not meet the essential requirements of the profile. You can simplify the process and make a scale to objectively assess the rest of the applications. To do this, only write down the essential and valuable requirements and evaluate each applicant based on these, selecting those who have obtained the highest score.  

hiring process

4. Pre-selection and selection techniques

Depending on the position and the profile sought, it may be necessary to take some test that helps to discard or select your candidates, such as psychotechnical or personality tests, exercises and tests that assess the technical knowledge of the applicants or group dynamics or assessment center to check how they handle certain situations and in which skills each one stands out. Of all the techniques, the most important is the personal interview, since it allows you to know each person directly. For the interview to obtain the expected results, the interviewer must be clear about the profile they are looking for and be a good observer. The purpose of the interview is to know the suitability of the candidate for the position, so the questions should be focused on discovering more about their professional and personal profile.  

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5. Decision making

This is usually the most difficult step, especially when there are several candidates who meet the desired requirements. Sometimes using a scale to rate knowledge, skills, traits, and other data of interest can help you make this decision objectively. Once the decision has been made, it is time to notify the selected person, but also the rest of the candidates who have participated in the selection process, to inform them of the end of the process and thank them for their participation. The candidates will thank you and the image of your business will be reinforced, as it shows that human capital really matters to you. 

6. Hiring

In this phase, all the papers are prepared to formalize the contract and register the worker. Remember that if your workers don't seem to be affiliated with social security, you need to affiliate them. This is common when it comes to your first job. The contract must reflect the data of the company and the worker, the type of contract, its duration, the position to be carried out or the minimum wage to be received, among other data. In addition, you need to send a duplicate of this contract to the State Public Employment Service within ten days.

hiring process

7. Monitoring and control

The hiring process doesn't end with the formalization of the contract. It is necessary to facilitate the adaptation of the new worker to the company and to their job position and to verify that the right decision has been made. Finding the perfect candidate is not easy, so companies should consider carrying out strategies to retain talent from their work team.

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