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8 tips for moving for the first time

Moving for the first time can often be a daunting task for a number of valid reasons, such as being scared that you've never done it before or because it will put a heavy financial burden on you, something that you may or may not be prepared to deal with.

Plus, moving house for the first time is often an emotional roller coaster: on the one hand, you may be cheered and excited by the prospect of finally living on your own with no one around to tell you what to do, but on the other hand, you may be deeply concerned that you are losing the security and support that you have enjoyed to date.

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You will probably receive a lot of advice on what to do when you first move in, but the truth is that some of those tips will work very well for you, and some will not. The problem with not having done something before is that you are not completely sure what to expect, therefore what you think is going to happen and what is actually going to happen can be two quite different things.

By following these 8 tips, you can organize your move and take some of that stress off of you. With this first-time mover guide, you'll be well-prepared for what to expect.

1. Create a to-do list

With no previous moving experience, you will probably find it very difficult to know where to start. You know you are supposed to start planning and preparing for the move, but you probably have no idea what to do when you first move.

Don't just stand there doing nothing, instead create a list to move in for the first time. It's not complicated - you just have to write down all the things you have to do, and then start working on those tasks. It's simply a to-do list to help you organize the time you have until moving day. You may also read: What’s On Your Packing or Moving Checklist?

2. Set a budget

The amount of money that you have saved and the way how you manage your finances will be an essential to the success your moving project, therefore budgeting for the move for the first time should be your priority. How much does it cost to move for the first time? A proper budget is the key to a successful first move.

  • Moving expenses: hiring professional moving services, buying suitable packing materials, buying insurance, etc.
  • Housing expenses: paying the first month's rent plus a deposit, paying the utility bills, etc.
  • Other expenses: all the things you will need for your new home.

3. Hire a good moving company

Moving to a new place for the first time is a huge challenge for anyone in terms of preparation and execution. Therefore, instead of trying to organize a move if you don't have much idea of how they work, the safest bet is to trust the professionalism and experience of a moving company like RBR Moving, so that you do not have to deal with the stress that comes with it. 

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4. Find a stable job

Moving out of your parents' home is a brave decision that should not be made in a hurry. By far the most important question to ask yourself before starting your move is whether you are financially ready to get away from your parents. Most young people start their careers in low-level positions until they find a way to climb the corporate ladder, ensuring a stable income is essential.

5. Find a good place to live that is affordable

If you want to move, the first thing you should do is find the right place. The important thing here is not to rush this step, you will have numerous options to choose from, so you will have to find the place that best suits your budget and lifestyle. There are many things to consider when deciding where to live, research various neighborhoods when it comes to safety, cost of living, accessibility, cleanliness, green space, etc.

6. Know what to pack

One of the things to remember when you first move is that you are most likely moving on a tight budget, which means that any avoidable expense is not welcome. Remember that the more items you take with you, the higher the transport costs will be. Therefore, the savings formula is simple: take only the most essential items.

Take an inventory of your possessions and create a list, be ruthless while figuring out if you are taking an item or not, ask yourself if you really intend to use it in the near future.

7. A safe move

Moving days can be quite dangerous and unpredictable, it is time for heavy and bulky items to leave the house. And that's when physical strength, prior experience, and common sense come together to make moving day safe and stress-free for everyone involved.

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Some advices?

  • Reserve the elevator in the building for the duration of the move if it is a tall building.
  • Cover the floors with protective plastic sheeting or large pieces of cardboard to prevent damage.
  • Check that all boxes are packed and labeled if you have done the packing work without professional help. You may also read: Moving Your Home: You’ll Need This Checklist
  • Keep small children and pets away from packing and moving actions.
  • Clear the exit routes of any obstacles to avoid accidents.
  • Dress appropriately for the occasion: wear comfortable clothing made of breathable fabric and closed-toe shoes with non-slip soles for better traction.

8. Establish a homework schedule

Follow the tips above for moving house for the first time and you should be able to bring that first move to safe harbor. Having survived the feverish preparation and stressful moving day, you will soon find yourself in your new home, away from your usual home where things were well organized and everything made sense.

Now, it's time to organize your time by establishing a homework schedule - tasks that you need to do regularly to keep things running smoothly like before the move. You're in charge now, so do your best to avoid any serious post-move-in mistakes. Get in touch with RBR Moving today!


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