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How to monitor the elderly without invading their privacy?


According to various studies carried out in the last decade, most people over 65 years of age prefer to continue living at home to living with their children or other types of options. Behind this choice, there is a fundamental reason: they do not want to lose their autonomy.

Staying at home thus facilitates their independence and allows them to maintain their routine, two key issues to improve their mood and self-esteem. However, after 65 years of age, the risk of suffering a fall or domestic accident increases exponentially. Consequently, concern among family members and the need to know how to monitor older people to ensure that there are no problems is also increasing.

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What can we do to safeguard the privacy and autonomy of the elderly, but at the same time ensure their safety and tranquility? In this article we find out.

How to monitor elderly people who live alone?

When the older person lives alone, it is more difficult to detect any unforeseen event. However, it is important that you maintain that autonomy and that you maintain your routine. Running his errands himself, whenever possible, and nurturing his own social ties will not only improve his spirits but also his self-esteem.

The phone calls and regular family visits allow the routine monitoring of the elderly at the same time strengthen family ties, something essential to avoid loneliness in older people. Also your closest social circle, such as friends or neighbors, will be a fundamental pillar to forge social ties and warn about any problem. Workshops or guided walks are other options that, in addition to taking up leisure time and promoting relationships, can help in their care.

For their part, services such as home care packages allow the user to maintain autonomy, but with total safety. A 24 hours a day to a Care Center of professionals watches over your well-being. If the user has any problem, he will press the button and indicate the emergency. The professionals, in addition to caring for you, will contact your family to inform them. A service that thus becomes the perfect support in different situations, such as monitoring elderly people who live alone.

It is also possible to ensure that older people do not suffer any accidents or become disoriented when they go for a walk alone. There are different home care services online through which the elderly can report any emergency in a simple and fast way. Some of them include geolocation and even fall detector, to facilitate your attention in the event of an accident.

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How to adapt the home to take care of the elderly?

There are some issues that we must take into account in order to know how to monitor older people, although they can take care of themselves perfectly, to avoid the most common domestic accidents.

Below, we offer you a series of measures that can help us avoid them or at least pay faster attention to any emergency that may occur:

  • Establish routines: As we get older, we are more sensitive to changes. Establishing a routine, with schedules for each activity, will make older adults feel more secure.
  • Adapt the house to your needs: Domestic accidents are the main problem that can occur at home. These can originate for multiple reasons: loose cables, slippery floors, stairs ... To prevent these from occurring, we must avoid leaving objects in the middle, signal those places that may have some risk and adequately illuminate the rooms.
  • Stay ahead of possible emergencies: Put the phone in a visible place in the house and explain in detail how to act in an emergency (how to call you, how to contact the home care service ...). This way you will know at all times what to do to receive immediate attention in the event of an accident.
  • Pay special attention to the bathroom: The bathroom is the place in the house where the highest number of accidents occur. Using a gel dispenser instead of a pill, placing a grab bar in the shower or installing a non-slip mat, are some of the fundamental measures. Also, if he is a home care user, remind him not to remove the emergency pendant or bracelet in the shower as this will allow him to report any problem.
  • Make sure they have healthy habits: A point of special importance to take into account when we ask ourselves how to monitor older people is to check that they follow a healthy routine to avoid health problems. To do this, we must ensure that he maintains a balanced diet, with established meal times; interact with others, to avoid social isolation; occupy free time with activities and take good care of your personal hygiene. It is also important to remind you of medical appointments and taking medications.

How to monitor dependent elderly people?

Older people with a higher degree of dependency require more care. However, within the people who cannot take care of themselves there are different degrees and the caregiver must try, always as far as possible, to favor their autonomy.

If a person needs partial help to perform some daily tasks, we must let them do them because this will not only improve their self-esteem, but will prevent the degree of dependency from increasing. The caregiver therefore has to watch over the older adult and help him in those actions in which he cannot fend for himself, accompanying him whenever he needs it.

In addition, establishing routines and promoting communication are some of the essential aspects for proper care of dependent people. We must also ensure that they follow healthy hygiene and eating habits and promote social relationships and physical exercise.

In short, if we want to know how to monitor our elders, the most important thing is to promote communication to understand their needs and always respect their autonomy and privacy.


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