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Door 4U Garage Door, With Becomes Your Main Entry!

No need to get out of your car to open your garage door, you just need to press your finger on your remote control to open it.

Immediately you are home. You will also find this feeling of welcome with your Doors 4U Garage Doors dealer.

Expert in Doors 4U Garage Doors, your dealer will offer you the solution best suited to your needs. Whether your house is new or undergoing renovation, there is bound to be the most complete range of Doors 4U garage doors on the market for the door that suits you. Indeed, all the criteria for choosing your garage door are important.

For aesthetics, Doors 4U Garage Doors offers designs from the most contemporary to the most classic, with multiple possible finishes.

For ergonomics, safety and performance, Doors 4U Garage Doors sectional garage doors, tilting or swinging, all have assets that make the difference.

For accessories, drives, as well as for service doors, Doors 4U Garage Doors solutions are complete to meet your satisfaction. 



The price of a garage door can vary depending on the system you choose, the size of the opening, the materials selected... The important thing is to find the solution that best suits your home. and the way of life of its inhabitants.

Choose a door according to your budget

Choose the type of door that best suits your lifestyle (sectional, roll-up, tilting, etc.)

Customize the door (motorization, design, finishes, etc.)


The sectional garage door is the guarantee of obtaining the opening that perfectly suits your needs. Fully customizable, with a wide choice of design, colors and accessories, it is extremely well insulated thanks to its panels offering a low coefficient of thermal transmission.

- Available in the ISO20 range (20mm thick insulating panels)
- Available in the ISO45 range (45mm thick insulating panels)
- Possibility of adding a gate
- Anti-intrusion certified motorization


The overhead door can be opened from bottom to top with a simple twist of the hand. A more economical alternative to the sectional door, the overhead door adapts to all budgets and all situations. Doors 4U Garage Doors... Many models exist at Doors 4U Garage Doors, allowing to choose from various designs and colors.

- Suitable for smaller budgets
- Quick and easy installation
- Available in metal, wood, PVC or insulated


The sliding door is the most efficient alternative to replace a pre-existing door. It can be installed on either side and is very suitable for low ceilings.

- Motorization thanks to the Doors 4U Garage Doors system
- Possibility of installing a wicket Secure 3-point hook lock
- Fully customizable



In addition to being easy to assemble, the roller garage door is the most efficient option to save space. Thanks to its motorization system, it rolls up vertically on an axis in its trunk.

- 100% aluminum apron
- Connected motorization thanks to the Blue Open system
- Manual repair maneuver inside


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