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The ways of advertising for tourist accommodation is definitely too many. You have probably already searched on various websites for the best of them, concluding that everyone suggests you the same. This is why we decided to prepare a detailed guide on how you can promote your hotel accommodation in the best way.

Managing a tourism business is certainly not an easy task. Especially in our country, where it is one of the most popular destinations in the world, the competition is huge. As a result, the need for a successful advertising of your hotel accommodation is becoming more and more urgent.

Definitely, promoting your accommodation on websites like Booking or Air bnb is a choice that will bring new customers to your business. However, even in these platforms the competition is huge, with several accommodations being lost in the huge number of listings. This is the reason why you should look for additional ways of promoting - advertising your accommodation.

Below we will analyze some guaranteed ways of advertising, as well as strategies with which you will be able to stand out from the competition and attract a large number of new customers for your business.

Where can I advertise my accommodation?

Advertising is arguably the most effective way to attract new visitors to your property. However other ways are more efficient and others less so. So the first step in a successful advertising strategy for a hotel accommodation is to find the medium in which you will advertise it.

company, with many years of experience and specialization in the promotion of websites and businesses, is able to provide reliable and effective solutions to any tourist accommodation or hotel. This experience has allowed us to draw safe conclusions about the ways and places you can effectively advertise your business. So if you are wondering "where to advertise my accommodation", the most effective ways are the following:

  • Paid advertising on Google and Youtube.
  • Creating an advertising campaign on Social Media.
  • Promote your website to search engines with SEO.

The above methods are the most effective in advertising hotel accommodation, hotels and rooms for rent in general. Each of them offers a huge number of advantages that certainly should not be overlooked by an entrepreneur in the tourism industry. We will not further analyze the above forms of advertising on the Internet, as you can find detailed information in the section: Ways of advertising on the Internet .

Hotel promotion abroad

What is special about hotels and accommodation in general, is that they mostly target visitors from other countries. Promoting a hotel abroad is one of the most important strategies that every hotel owner wants to implement in the best way. The good news is that all the advertising methods mentioned above have the potential to reach specific countries abroad or globally.

When creating an ad campaign on Google or Facebook, you have the ability to define your target audience based on their demographics. For example, you can select specific countries abroad, which bring you the maximum profits based on your data so far. Of course, the demarcation of specific areas - countries is not necessary, since at any time you can expand the geographical area of ​​your audience, covering each country.

However the best strategy to attract an audience from abroad is to address in their own language. Clearly creating an English-language advertising campaign can stand up to any foreign country, but if you want to attract tourists from Australia, for example, using Australia is the most effective way.

Hotel advertising strategy

An integrated hotel and room rental advertising strategy should make effective use of all available advertising methods. As mentioned above, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. But by implementing a comprehensive strategy, you can achieve the best results without much loss of money.

Of course, every internet marketing strategy is based on one key factor. Having a website for your hotel or accommodation. The absence of a website will create a lot of doubts in your interested customers, as they will not be able to receive all the necessary information. The construction of a website for hotels can be done in a short time, especially if it is assigned to an experienced and specialized company such as 

Once the purchase of a hotel website is completed, an integrated advertising strategy is designed. The key factors that will affect the effectiveness of your advertising campaign are:

  • Targeting the right audience based on demographics and interests.
  • Use high quality photos and videos.
  • Emphasize the strengths of your business and the reasons why they choose you.
  • Use a friendlier way of communicating with your audience.
  • Data analysis and redesign of your strategy.
  • Hotel advertising campaign

Once you have set your goals and developed a strategy for your business online advertising, it's time to launch your advertising campaign. Nowadays, with the constant development of technology and the competition having reached the maximum levels, the emergence of a tourism company is something very difficult. Hotels need to constantly adapt their marketing strategies to win the competition and of course increase their online bookings.

A hotel advertising campaign has proven to be an easy way to reach your desired audience, at a fairly affordable cost. However, designing an effective advertising campaign, whether it is advertising on Google and Youtube or on social networks, is not an easy process. It requires a lot of experience, hours of analysis and studies and of course constant monitoring of the results.Based on our experience, there are certain elements of an advertising campaign that help increase its impact and effectiveness. The main ones are:

Video Use

As much as video ads are thought to tire the audience, the results show just the opposite. Research has shown that the impact of a video ad is three times greater than any other form of advertising (text, image). This is why more and more companies are turning to video advertising, either via YouTube or Facebook and Instagram.

Professional hotel photography

Definitely creating high quality graphics to help increase the performance of an ad. However, the best way to stand out is to emphasize the beauty of the rooms and in general of your hotel spaces. A professional photographer is able to photograph your hotel accommodation in a way that will make it more attractive to those interested

Creative content

Content is a key part of any ad. Definitely emphasizing the reasons why an interested visitor should choose you is a good promotion strategy. However, it does not always work. Try to be creative and offer content that will excite and speak to the heart of your audience. Writing commercials requires imagination. The more original and creative ideas you have, the easier it will be to increase your business customers.

Hotel reservation system

An online booking system is essential to the success of any ad. Although not an essential part of your advertising campaign, an online hotel booking system plays a key role in optimizing the results of your respective campaign.

Advertising of rented rooms

Advertising for rental rooms generally follows the same rules as advertising any accommodation. What is certain is that every tourism business should make the most of online advertising. In fact, combined with a search engine promotion and a comprehensive email marketing strategy, the increase in bookings can be huge.

In contrast to hotels, rental rooms have to make a greater effort to persuade an interested party to stay in them. A common practice that offers significant results is the highlighting of the individual services that accompany a reservation in one of your rooms (free parking, distance from the beach and tourist destinations, cleanliness of premises, etc.). In addition, another "strong" point is the attractive price for a reservation.

Usually the cost of renting a room is less than in a hotel. By emphasizing this advantage, you will be able to attract a large number of customers.


Whether it is a hotel accommodation or a rental room, the basic ways of advertising for tourist accommodation are the same. What changes is the proper design and implementation of your advertising campaign. Developing a successful ad is of course not a simple and easy task. Anyone can create an ad on Google Ads or Facebook. The question is whether this ad has the potential to attract new customers.

Our company has a vast experience in promoting hotel accommodation and tourism businesses. This allows us to design and develop successful promotional strategies, whether for paid advertising or any other digital marketing strategy.


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