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For each software, you will find in this table the different analysis criteria used in our comparative analysis: web design, handling, functionalities, etc. Click on the pictograms at the start of the line to access the corresponding detailed explanations.

1. Getting started

The five software presented in this comparison belong to the family of “website builders”. They all have in common that they offer an intuitive and easy-to-use editing interface, accessible to the neophyte. Whether it's Wix, Strikingly, Weebly or Jimdo, all of these web design software have the same value proposition: making it easy for anyone to create a website relatively quickly. And it must be said that they all respect this promise. A special mention perhaps for Wix, the market leader, which offers a particularly neat and pleasant to use editing interface.

2. Design

The operation is the same for the 5 software in the comparison: you choose a design model (a "template") that you then personalize by adding your text, images, etc. In terms of design, three aspects must be evaluated: the quantity of templates offered, the quality of the templates and finally the possibilities of customization:

Quantity: Wix is ​​racing far ahead of its competitors, with more than 700 templates. Jimdo, from this point of view, is very far behind with only 15 templates.

Quality: Wix has a reputation for offering the most stylish templates. Their quality and variety are undeniable. All trades are covered and visually there is not much to say. But other website builder software in this review does not have to be ashamed. Weebly offers some very stylish themes. Strikingly is designed only for building one page sites . The “one-page” themes offered are very beautiful, the design being an essential aspect of Strikingly sites. Only web design is below its competition.

Regarding the customization of designs, special mention for Strikingly, Wix and Weebly - but the 5 website creation software in this review allow you to customize the colors of your site, the fonts used ...

3. Functional richness

On this aspect, the 5 software are clearly not at the same level. Wix is ​​the one that offers the most features, even in its free version. The free versions of other software restrict access to native features much more. Weebly and Jimdo come a little behind but still offer a very good functional richness. Let's say it, all the simple needs are covered. Site123 is the software that offers the least advanced features. More than its four competitors, web design emphasizes simplicity… to the detriment of functional richness. The ranking is therefore this: Wix, Weebly, Jimdo, Strikingly, Site123.

4. SEO

Website builder software has improved a lot over the past few years. They all allow you to customize the Title, Meta Description or alt tags. Some, like Wix, offer virtual SEO assistants to help you step by step through the SEO settings of your website. But be careful, don't lose sight of the fact that the natural SEO of your website depends above all on the quality and quantity of the content you publish. You can have the best settings in the world, if your website has almost no content, your site may not be well referenced.

5. Help and support

When you want to create a website and you are a beginner, the quality of the help and support is important. Jimdo has a reputation for providing fast and efficient support. Wix and Weebly offer multiple contact channels, but phone support is only available in Shakespeare's language. Site123's support leaves a little to be desired: all documentation is in English. On the other hand, Site123 recently offers a chat… in French. Yeh!

6. Blog

The 5 softwares allow you to create a blog, that is to say to publish articles classified by category, including sharing buttons on social networks, images, possibly videos, but also to open a comments area or to create an RSS feed. But the functional depth is not the same depending on the software used. web design is arguably the software that offers the most functional depth - but it is increasingly being followed by Wix.

But be careful, you will never reach a level of functional richness as high as with WordPress. If you have complex blogging needs or strong ambitions, we advise you to consider the WordPress option

7. Mobile version

More than half of web visits are made from a mobile device. It is therefore essential to have a website that displays correctly on small (smartphones) or medium (tablets) screens. And website building software companies have all figured it out. The 5 software highlighted in this review offer responsive-design templates, natively designed to display correctly on any medium and with any screen size. Wix goes further than its competitors by giving the possibility of personalizing the way in which the site is displayed on mobile (position of CTAs for example).

8. Sending newsletters

All the software in this comparison offers a module to manage the sending of newsletters ... except Jimdo, which on the other hand offers connectors with Mail Chimp or Sendin Blue. The Strikingly newsletter module is only accessible if you opt for the VIP formula.

9. E-commerce

Among the publishers, all offer e-commerce features to integrate an online store section into your website. But ecommerce features are only accessible in the more expensive plans. If you want to create a website and sell a few products on it, you can opt for one of the 5 software in this review without any problem. If you want to create a large ecommerce site, with a lot of customization and features, we advise you to orient yourself towards a Shopify type ecommerce software, which offers a much more complete back office. On this subject, discover our top 5 ecommerce software .

10. Adding HTML / CSS code

Adding HTML / CSS code allows advanced customization of your website. The 5 softwares in this comparison allow you to add code, for those who want it. Wix is, once again, above the others thanks to its Wix Corvid application, which allows to go very far in the customization of the code. Read our full Wix Corvid review on this subject 

11. Site export possible

Only Jimdo and web design allow you to export your website for, for example, hosting on another content management software like WordPress for example. For the other three (Site123, Wix and Strikingly), it is not possible to change platforms.

12. Free version

All the software in this comparison is available in a free version for an unlimited period. But beware, the free version gives access to a very limited number of features (except the free version of Wix, which is more generous). If you have very basic needs, you can stay on the free tier in a pinch. Anyway, the free offers allow you to test the software. Moreover, by the way, we advise you to register on 3 or 4 platforms to test the interface. There is nothing more efficient in choosing the right website builder software for what you are looking for.


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