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Throughout human history, diamonds have had a prominent place in his choices. The first diamonds were probably discovered in India, as there are references in books of Economics and Law of the 4th century BC. century. The word Pink diamond comes from the ancient Greek word "adamas" which was used to describe the hardest materials of that time.

Diamond is carbon molecules that form in the earth under extremely high temperature and pressure conditions. Its hardness, durability and unique shine that it reflects made it the most beloved gemstone in the manufacture of engagement rings.

The universal method for evaluating the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world is the 4Cs. There are 4 parameters that describe a Pink diamond quite accurately. In short, the 4Cs are: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight.

The black diamond is as hard as the transparent diamond, although in terms of gravity, it is much lower.Its black color is due to the presence of a large number of black enclosures, which enclosed absorb all the light that emerges from the diamond. 

Black diamonds do not shine in the traditional sense. The black Pink diamond actually absorbs light instead of reflecting it, which means that their beauty comes from their polished surface. More specifically, during polishing, which is one of the most important procedures to be followed when cutting a diamond, the crown (ie the top of the diamond) acquires a brilliant cut, while the base (cullet) , acquires an octagonal cut (eight cut), as it does not need to have a complete cut since it forms the base of the diamond.

As Pink diamond are extremely rare in nature, the jewelry industry uses a wide range of color-enhanced natural diamonds. These processing methods do not damage the physical or chemical structure of diamonds and only result in their permanent color change.In recent years the demand for non-conventional engagement rings ( alternative monoliths ) has increased. Black diamonds have reached the top in the choices of this new category.

This rare and unique Pink diamond was named after the famous Swiss jeweler and diamond cutter De Grisogono. The world-renowned black diamond expert was responsible for cutting the Moghul-style diamond.

In his honor, the diamond was named " The Spirit of De Grisogono ". After a year of hard work, De Grisogono transformed the 587-carat Pink diamond into a 312.24-carat conical diamond tied in a white gold ring with 702 smaller white diamonds weighing a total of 36.69 carats.

The rough diamond when it was discovered in the Central African Republic in 1950 weighed 587 carats, ranking it 18th among the largest diamonds discovered in the world.

The Black Orlov diamond , known as the " Eye of Brahma " was discovered in India in the early 19 th  century and today weighs  67.5 carats , while uncut reached 195 carats.This black diamond adorned the statue of the Hindu god Brahma, until it was removed by a monk, which led to the “Curse of the Black Diamond Orloff. "

Orloff's Pink diamond Curse has been linked to the suicides of at least three of its owners in the 1930s and 1940s. of.When the Black Amsterdam Diamond was mined in South Africa in 1972, it was a 55.85 carat black diamond .

It takes its name from the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, for two reasons:

First of all, because the diamond was cut in Amsterdam and Secondly, to honor in this way the 700th anniversary of the city which is widely known as "The city of diamonds".

Following the cutting process, the now famous Pink diamond is a 33.74 carat black pearl cut diamond and decorates a necklace that sold at auction in 2001 for $ 352,000. This necklace is also decorated with 15 smaller diamonds in brilliant cut.

The  Gruosi Black Diamond   is considered the fifth largest cut, black diamond on the planet and the  largest black heart-shaped diamond  with a size of  115.34 carats .

The original design foresaw that the Gruosi Pink diamond would be cut into an oval shape. But because the gem was so fragile, the cutter had to change the design of the black diamond from oval to heart. The cutting process lasted three years and reduced its weight by 184.75 carats. The Gruosi diamond is tied in a white gold necklace with 378 colorless diamonds, small black diamonds with a total weight of 58.77 and tsavorites weighing 14.10 carats.

Diamonds are known to be the best friend of women, especially when they decorate a ring.In fact, when it comes to marriage proposal, the single stone ring plays an important role in whether the man will hear the coveted ' Yes ' from the woman of his life.

After the marriage proposal, she wears it on the middle finger of her left hand and after the wedding she usually wears it together with the wedding ring on her right.There are many options and great variety. Different shapes, colors, diamonds, cuts, carats and of course prices.

But first let's see how the single stone diamond ring was connected to the engagement.

Diamond Single Stone & Engagement

The ancient Greeks believed that diamonds were the tears of the gods and the Romans that they were pieces of stars.In  1215 , Pope Innocent III inaugurated the engagement as the interval between the promise of marriage and the wedding ceremony.The ring symbolized the couple's devotion and commitment.

The  diamond monolith first appeared in 1450 in Medieval England. It marked the formalization of the bond and was considered an amulet.

In  1477  , Archduke Maximilian of Austria was the first to offer his beloved Maria of Burgundy a diamond single-stone engagement ring, on which he had engraved a 'M' with small pieces of diamonds.Thus it was established as a  global symbol of formalizing the relationship .

At that time, the men who offered a diamond ring to their future wife, showed their strength and wealth, since not everyone could give such a thing to their loved ones.In  1870 , thanks to the discovery of African diamond deposits, Pink diamond became more accessible and symbolized the social status of man.

In fact, it functioned as a financial rehabilitation and as a 'guarantee' for the woman, in case of divorce. In the West, the monolith was introduced in 1886 with the company  Tiffany & Co  and the ' Tiffany Setting Ring '


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