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Accommodation usually takes a significant part of our travel budget. On this page I am going to tell you where we book and the different hotel accommodation alternatives available on your trips.

Tell me how you travel and I will tell you what accommodation there is for you. Seriously, depending on one's budget and travel style, we can find different accommodations, from a free sofa in a house, hostels, Air BnB apartments to cute hotel rooms.

We use almost 100% of the time, I leave your search engine below so you can book your hotels.Accommodation types Here are the main ways to stay on your next trip. We start from cheaper or free to more expensive.

Couch surfing

Do you know what Couch Surfing is? I'll tell you, couch surfing is an accommodation exchange system, with people you don't previously know and whom you contact through the couch website.

But in Couch surfing you not only stay for free in the house of someone you have contacted on the web, but it is a more complete experience. Since there is a cultural exchange between the host and the "guest", it is not like being in a hotel accommodation, it is shared with the person who is hosting you. She usually shows you the city, you can cook something typical, etc ...

Home Exchange (former Guest to Guest)

Guest to Guest, (now called Home Exchange) is a platform for hosting exchange. In this case, you can look for a flat or a room and exchange with your future host for your house or for Guest Points (which is the currency of the platform), there are people who offer their habitual residence while they are there, in this modality is more like couch surfing or they offer you housing when they are not there. It is practically free, since you have to pay a deposit and insurance on some occasions.


Hostels are usually the cheapest option (apart from the free ones, of course). They are a very good option when you travel alone, because in hotel accommodation you usually meet very nice people. Also, if you don't want to share a room, they usually have single or double rooms, you pay a little more but you have your private room, which can be with shared or private bathroom.


Airbnb is one of the best platforms to find hotel accommodation at a good price. You can rent a single room or you can rent apartments or entire houses. We use it more and more because it works wonderfully. But be careful with the additional cleaning charge, depending on where you go and the country it can be very high. You also have to take into account the host's cancellation policy, in case you can't cancel.


Hotels are the classic system to stay when you go on a trip. You have them of all types and qualities, so it is best to use one of the platforms that allow you to search, filter and see the opinions of users, we use

First look for your accommodation in a hostel / hostel

If you do not want to Couch Surfing or exchange your house with Guest To Guest, the first thing is to find your hotel accommodation in a hostel. They are cheaper than hotels, they have a good atmosphere and you can find private rooms.

On the website, you can filter the accommodation by type of accommodation, by price, by area, etc.High season: book your hotel accommodation in advance If you can only travel in high season, the accommodation, whatever it is, hostel, hotel, youth hostel, book it in advance. As the date of your trip approaches it will be more expensive.So if you travel in high season, you have to be proactive and book months in advance.

Where are you going to stay?

It is clear that if you are looking for your hotel in the city center it will be more expensive. Although there are times when we find super well located bargains, it is often difficult to find a hotel in the center, good, nice and cheap.

So if you don't want to spend your entire budget in a hotel in the center, you will have to find the one that best suits your needs a little further, that is, to expand the area. But be careful with this, do not leave the difference in taxis or public transport.Take a good look at where it is and that it is well connected to the places you want to visit.

Point cards

There are many cards to accumulate points that you can later use to exchange them for flights, rental cars or hotel accommodation. For example, the Renfe card, if you travel a lot, you accumulate points that you can later exchange for free hotels.

Or if you like to always go to the same hotel chain, many of them have loyalty cards where you add points every time you stay with them and when you add a few nights, you get one free.

Self-catering accommodation

Here you don't save directly on hotel accommodation, but it does help you save during your trip if you get your room to have a kitchen. There is much to look for this type of accommodation, hostels, airbnb, couchsurfing, hotels, etc.

We in Amsterdam stayed in a hotel that had a kitchen in the rooms, honestly we only used it one day, but it is an option that can save you a lot, especially in places where eating out is expensive.


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