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For each software, you will find in this table the different analysis criteria used in our comparative analysis: web design , handling, functionalities, etc. Click on the pictograms at the start of the line to access the corresponding detailed explanations. 1. Getting started The five software presented in this comparison belong to the family of “website builders”. They all have in common that they offer an intuitive and easy-to-use editing interface, accessible to the neophyte. Whether it's Wix, Strikingly, Weebly or Jimdo, all of these  web design  software have the same value proposition: making it easy for anyone to create a website relatively quickly. And it must be said that they all respect this promise. A special mention perhaps for Wix, the market leader, which offers a particularly neat and pleasant to use editing interface. 2. Design The operation is the same for the 5 software in the comparison: you choose a design model (a "template") that you then personaliz


The ways of advertising for tourist accommodation is definitely too many. You have probably already searched on various websites for the best of them, concluding that everyone suggests you the same. This is why we decided to prepare a detailed guide on how you can promote your hotel accommodation in the best way. Managing a tourism business is certainly not an easy task. Especially in our country, where it is one of the most popular destinations in the world, the competition is huge. As a result, the need for a successful advertising of your  hotel accommodation  is becoming more and more urgent. Definitely, promoting your accommodation on websites like Booking or Air bnb is a choice that will bring new customers to your business. However, even in these platforms the competition is huge, with several accommodations being lost in the huge number of listings. This is the reason why you should look for additional ways of promoting - advertising your accommodation. Below we will analyze s

Driving classes: 10 things you should know

  Get to the circuit, sit in the car, and ... drift!  This, according to the instructors of the driving courses, is what many of the students who hire these classes think.  But there is more, much more, that they find when they get there ... and that we summarize in 10 key points. What do you expect from driving classes ?  Do you know what it consists of? M onitors  comment that a large part of their students arrives with the preconceived idea that in these classes they teach you to  drift  and go fast with the car. Not quite: the main thing, in most cases ( there are courses specifically geared towards  sporty driving  ) , it is safety.  We will tell you, in 10 steps, what is done in one of these days and where you can hire them. Theoretical classes .  The day usually begins with a theoretical explanation not only about what you are going to do throughout the course but also about the security systems that the cars you are going to drive have: this way you will know how the devices wo


Investors are looking for new forms of investment, the behavior of the main Central Banks, the slowdown in China, the fall in metals, the sharp rise in stock markets, all of these are just reasons for investors to look for other investment alternatives For this reason I want to start the year by exposing the growing diamond market and how a common person can access this type of market. To begin with, we must know that Diamond investment is an allotrope of carbon, that is, it is a variation of carbon with a different molecular structure. Diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of all materials known to man. Most natural diamonds are formed under conditions of extreme pressure and temperature, existing at depths of 140 km to 190 km in the earth's mantle. Diamonds are brought close to the Earth's surface through deep volcanic eruptions by magma. Diamonds are valued according to 4 characteristics, which are called the 4C: 1- CUT (cut) The beauty of a cut diamond


In search of an inexpensive, but comfortable accommodation option, guests and residents of the capital are invited to pay attention to the Arena hotel, where excellent conditions have been created, and prices are low. There are many guests of the capital, tourists, business travelers, families, groups of friends among the hotel's clients. These are people for whom it is important to get comfort at an honest cost. In "Arena" such advantages are provided to everyone, which makes the hotel very popular in the city. Modern hotel metro Hotel accommodation is the best choice when you need to save money, but not at the expense of quality. Modern economy class hotels near the metro station are invariably popular with residents and guests of the capital. And if a budget hotel is located within the boulevard ring, it is safe to say that the demand for its services will be enormous. This is how one can fully say about the Arena Hotel, located in the Central District of the capital.


Accommodation usually takes a significant part of our travel budget. On this page I am going to tell you where we book and the different hotel accommodation alternatives available on your trips. Tell me how you travel and I will tell you what accommodation there is for you. Seriously, depending on one's budget and travel style, we can find different accommodations, from a free sofa in a house, hostels, Air BnB apartments to cute hotel rooms. We use almost 100% of the time, I leave your search engine below so you can book your hotels.Accommodation types Here are the main ways to stay on your next trip. We start from cheaper or free to more expensive. Couch surfing Do you know what Couch Surfing is? I'll tell you, couch surfing is an accommodation exchange system, with people you don't previously know and whom you contact through the couch website. But in Couch surfing you not only stay for free in the house of someone you have contacted on the web, b


Throughout human history, diamonds have had a prominent place in his choices. The first diamonds were probably discovered in India, as there are references in books of Economics and Law of the 4th century BC. century. The word Pink diamond comes from the ancient Greek word "adamas" which was used to describe the hardest materials of that time. Diamond is carbon molecules that form in the earth under extremely high temperature and pressure conditions. Its hardness, durability and unique shine that it reflects made it the most beloved gemstone in the manufacture of engagement rings. The universal method for evaluating the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world is the 4Cs. There are 4 parameters that describe a  Pink diamond  quite accurately. In short, the 4Cs are: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat Weight. The black diamond is as hard as the transparent diamond, although in terms of gravity, it is much lower.Its black color is due to the presence of a large number of black