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As a general rule, these doors require minimal maintenance. Depending on the type of automatic sliding door, the maintenance must be one or the other.The maintenance that we must carry out on this type of doors is quite simple, but for that reason we should not neglect them, since a small visualization of the garage door will considerably lengthen its life time and save us problems.

First, we must check that the upper rollers are in perfect condition. The check is done by moving the door manually and observing that the upper guide is practically glued to these rollers but without exerting pressure on the door. In this movement we must make sure that when the door touches the roller it rotates smoothly and does not stop the door, since if the roller is pressing on the upper guide, it will exert a lot of pressure and it will slow the door itself. oil on the bearing point of the roller, never on the nylon roller itself .Another very important part to check is the guide on which the garage door and wheels slide.

We must observe that the wheels run smoothly on the guide. The poor condition of some wheels can lead to serious problems. If the internal wheel bearings are not correct, it will result in the wheel not turning well on its axis and the door will undergo very small oscillations up and down, causing the motor towing rack to not be at the proper height either. and force the pinion of the automatism to damage it. Another problem you may have is that the door is braked and the automation has to do twice as much force, which can cause serious damage to it. The correct thing is to put oil in the wheel bearing regularly.

We must also always keep the state of the lower guide clean so that the door does not encounter obstacles in its path. It must be observed that the guide is completely aligned, since due to a blow it can become twisted. In this case, it is recommended to call a professional to make the timely repair.

Another very important point is to have the door in paint condition. 

As we see that the state of the door in general deteriorates, we must sand the door completely and give it an anti-rust treatment with lead to paint later or directly with paint with said anti-rust protector incorporated.

This is not only for the aesthetic appearance but, if we do not have our garage door in conditions, it will cause the rust to become embedded in the iron over time and will make it weaken so much that there is no subsequent repair. Ideally, every 4 to 5 years we do a paint maintenance on our door before reaching the point where there is no possible repair.

If the door has an automation, we must check that its unlocking works well, and once unlocked, the door should run smoothly. If not, it will probably be because the rack exerts too much pressure on the motor and does not keep the minimum dimensions that are required, we will have to correct it because if we do not do it, the same weight of the door will cause the motor pinion to give down. The optimal distance between the motor pinion and the rack is between 1 and 3 mm.

Aluminum sliding door or sandwich panel maintenance

First of all, point out that, when we talk about a door with a sandwich panel, it must be made of aluminum profiles, since otherwise it is not worth having a door with these characteristics because if the exterior profiles of the door are made of iron, it has not been It was worth making an investment in this model of doors since functionally we will have the same problems as with the iron ones and it will not have been worth the expense of installing a door of these.

The maintenance of the aluminum garage door or sandwich panel is practically nil. We must check the proper functioning of the rollers, wheels and try to ensure that the floor guide is always clean. For the rest, being made of aluminum, it is quite unlikely that the door will suffer any misalignment since, as the weight is considerably less than that of iron ones, the wheels, rollers and the automation suffer less wear than the iron ones.

The door goes off course or does not close until the end.

This is going to be due to the fact that the stops that mark the limit switch on the door have been mis adjusted. These are screwed onto the same zipper. All you have to do is move these stops forward or backward to lengthen or shorten the travel of the door.

The door is closed and the manual unlocking operation is too hard.

Surely when closing the door, it has gone too far and is pressing too hard on the frame. First, if the unlocking is very hard, do not force it, as you run the risk of breaking it. The solution is to lift the back of the door, prying it off with a long iron and then letting it fall again. The motor will have released the pressure it exerted on the rack and we will be able to unlock the motor without problems. 

Once I put the garage door in manual it goes very hard.

You should check that the wheels and bearings are in perfect condition. Surely you will have the problem there. Another cause is that the rack has become out of adjustment and is putting pressure on the motor. In this case you will have to unsolder the zipper and raise it in the sections where it presses.

The door has remained in the open position and the automation does not close.

You have probably hit one of the safety photocells and they are not facing properly. To check it, pass your hand in front of these, if you do not hear any click from the relay, you must face them until you hear. If doing this does not solve it, the problem is that you must replace the photocells.


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