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Are you moving and are you lost? Want to make a change, but you're terrified of the mess and chaos it causes? Rest assured, because today's post brings the best tips for change, in order for you to organize yourself, not forget anything behind, and still treat your furniture movers  and appliances in the best possible way. We will also bring you an essential post-change super tip for your new home and the health of your family.

Moving house: what care

We know that it is through some changes that some furniture and upholstery are damaged. For this reason, if you are in a period of change, are new to this or do not want to go through more tightening with change, know that with the necessary and correct care your upholstery is protected and is not damaged.

1. Know who you are hiring

If you are going to hire a company for the move, then know who you are hiring, and ensure that they will transport your furniture, upholstery and appliances safely.

If it's a case of moving a room, it's okay to do it yourself, but if it's a whole house don't fall for the bullshit of trying to do it yourself. A company specialized in furniture movers has the experience of taking care and transporting all your furniture safely, as well as knowing how to pack it correctly.

2. Boxes, boxes and boxes

change There is no point in wanting to make an organized move without the famous and useful cardboard boxes. One way to get them is by going to supermarkets in your neighborhood, or going to cardboard factories and buying the quantity and size of your need.

3. Name the boxes

In addition to separating everything into boxes, name the boxes to make it easier for you to undo the move in your new apartment or house. A good tip is to also separate rooms and categories, making your life easier and organizing your move.

Caring for the couch when moving

A common complaint when it comes to moving is how upholstery is transported as a sofa, and in this way it ends up spoiling and damaging your sofa. After all, nobody likes to have the sofa dirty or full of stains, and even spoiled due to transportation.

When making the change, it is very important to pay attention to the sofa care. You must be thinking, “Ah! But why the sofa? ”The reason is that cabinets and other furniture movers are easier to dismantle, and the sofa? In the case of a sofa larger than one of the alternatives is to disassemble, and for that, some extra care must be taken into account. Disassembling the sofa is an easier option, taking into account that, it separated into parts facilitates handling and transportation, as it will be lighter and smaller.

How should I pack the couch for the move?

If it is already decided how the sofa will come out of your home, the next step is to pack it properly. If you don't pack the sofa or something, the move can ruin it. For example, spill something and end up permanently staining, or contact with some sharp material and tear it.

It is best to wrap the upholstery with plastic, or even garbage bags. The tip also applies to puffs and mattresses.

Cleaning after moving

And if an accident happened and the sofa got dirty during the move, or some work, rest assured. There are companies that specialize in cleaning after works and removals.

The biggest advantage of hiring a company specializing in upholstery cleaning , are the trained and qualified technicians, in order to bring you the best cleaning experience. These technicians evaluate your upholstery and the fabric, so that the ideal product for it will be applied.

Professional upholstery cleaning is effective against all the dirt that is impregnated on your sofa, also removing all mites present. With this, this type of washing not only improves aesthetics, but also offers your family health, well-being and protection against these microorganisms.

Remembering that, if you buy a new sofa, a good tip is right after the purchase to effect the hiring of a waterproofing. That way, your new sofa will be protected against accidents with liquids. Are you going to buy a new sofa? Check out this e-book with several tips on how to choose the ideal sofa for your home or apartment.

By following these furniture movers tips, in addition to organizing your move, protecting your upholstery, you will be protecting your family from dust mites!


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