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Lithium Battery Systems Technology (LiFePO4)

Longer life cycles for your system

Lithium technology has positioned itself in the market as one of the best alternatives for portable products, it is common to see them in equipment such as computers, cell phones, communication radios, as well as electric cars and photovoltaic renewable energy systems, this thanks to its advanced load capacity characteristics, extended life cycles and low weight.

Currently lead Battery Systems dominate the market, as they are the lowest cost equipment, but it has limitations, such as their great weight, they cannot be fully discharged and their life cycles are short; As an example: an electric car with lead batteries would be too heavy to operate, which is why electric car companies have opted for lithium batteries for their vehicles.

Lithium is a very light metal, which allows obtaining the same energy with a much lower weight, and its reversible electrochemical characteristics allow a greater number of life cycles, compared to other technologies. A lead-acid battery of 12 V 100 Ah and can weigh 30 kg or more, in contrast a lithium battery (LiFePO4) with similar electrical characteristics weighs 3 times less, around 11 kg, in terms of life A lead-acid Battery Systems can work 450 cycles with a depth of discharge of 80% and a lithium battery has a useful life of 2,000 cycles with a depth of discharge of 100%.

Lithium batteries have different charging parameters than lead-acid batteries, which is important to consider for the safety and useful life of the product, use appropriate charge controllers and program the charging parameters according to the recommendations of the battery manufacturer.

Due to its technical characteristics, the lithium Battery Systems has found applications in all areas, from small to high-density and low-weight systems.

At SYSCOM® always at the forefront of technology, we have a new epcom® POWER LINE of lithium batteries for your solar energy systems in radiocommunication and security applications. The recommended battery model is LI-10012C, with a nominal voltage of 12.8 V at 100 Ah.


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