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Learn All About Wine Labels And Their Meaning!

The labels on the bottles are the first thing the customer sees of their bottle of wine. It is the place of the first meeting between the producer and the consumer, therefore the place of the first information on the wine and the winemaker. Zoom on the different wine labels and the meaning that the winegrowers wanted to give them! Put on the masks, the wine world can also laugh. Here are the undersides of the wine labels bottle labels! The essential information on the labels 

A label must include, among other things:

  • The name of the wine: AOC, IGP, table wine ...
  • The name and address of the wine producer or seller
  • The volume of content
  • The percentage of alcohol volume

But the producer can also add:

The year of harvest: it is compulsory on the wine labels of primeur, sur lie and new wines. If the vintage is indicated, at least 85% of the grapes must come from this vintage. For sparkling wines, it is compulsory to indicate the sugar content (raw, dry, sweet). This is optional for other wines.

The type of grape variety can be indicated (Merlot, Pinot, Chardonnay). If the grape variety is mentioned, at least 85% of the grapes must come from this grape variety. If there are several grape varieties, the percentage of each grape variety must be indicated.The medals or prizes awarded to wine. A name for its wine. That's what will grab our attention here!


If we can travel through the kitchen, we can also find a loophole in wine, which can make us travel. And it is in the South of France that we are going, with Rosés with quite evocative names, and whose wine labels invite us to sing “We would say the South…”.

Through a 2015 rosé wine from the Southern Alps, we thus find Le Goût des Vacances . This fuchsia pink wine lifts aromas of red fruits and floral nuances. It's ready to drink, so perfect for impatient vacationers!

But the label that refers us most to the South is obviously that of La Cigale  ! A glass of this fruity and gourmet rosé wine that mixes red fruits and tangy candies, and we hear the Cicadas sing! The label represents a Cicada at the café in the port, a glass of wine labels in hand. And we really want to join her….

Romantic labels

For a little sweetness and sensuality, the winegrowers do not hesitate to play on your feelings and offer labels that will seduce you by presenting wines with evocative names.So you will give to Tentation , a 2010 red wine from the Domaine de Vénus, on the Côtes du Roussillon. This generous wine with notes of prune, pepper and menthol will capsize you.

You can then always be passionate about a red wine from the Domaine de Vénus. Passions 2010 will conquer you with a fresh and typical bouquet of Roussillon wines. Its aromas of ripe fruit and spices add spice to the wine, already charming by its label.

It is above all the Clos des vins d'amour series , which is very romantic, by the names it gives to its wines. A whole love relationship can be formed from the wines of Clos des vins d'amour. Indeed, after a Flirt , a 2015 Rosé wine from Côtes du Roussillon, which stands out for its fruity and tangy aromas and its roundness in the mouth, you can let yourself go and take a Kiss . It is also a 2012 red wine labels from the Côtes du Roussillon, with notes of fairly ripe black fruit, which will bring roundness, finesse and power on the palate. What to be tempted!

If love bears fruit, you can taste 1 + 1 = 3a wine with a pretty name and quite evocative of the poetry of love and culture. It is a red wine with aromas of red fruits and gray pepper, with a nice balance between power, finesse and roundness. You will be delighted!

Here we understand that the label aims to really seduce the consumer, it establishes a link between the wine and the consumer, a kind of sensual relationship. We can say that the label would be a kind of little sweet note left by the wine to its consumer. It can then turn into a real message to send to someone.


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